Hey hey, how ya doin?

It is SO interesting how, every time I think about blogging (or vlogging) more about Bradelocz, it’s just like…

Eh… what’s to say?”

I’ve said this before but, back in the day when I first began this journey, it was all fun & excitement.

It was fresh & new.

It was different because I was new to natural hair after having lived that relaxer life for so many years.

So back then, I had a lot to report about this wonderful new journey I had embarked upon!

I mean, I documented EVERY-thing and back then, we didn’t have bloggers & vloggers talking much about locking, especially not using BRAIDS to do it.  That’s how & why the Bradelocz ebook came about.  It was pretty much the ONLY source of information on starting locs from braids.

Yep, those were the good ‘ole days.

But this SECOND go’round?

Nahh, nothing like before. It’s just like… “Been there.  Done that.  Nothing new to see or report here.

I mean…

I’m not using some ah-MAZE-ing product line that just makes my locs… whatever it is folks want products to make their locs do.

They’re long… they’re soft… but honestly, I just don’t do a whole lot of anything to or with them, aside from the VERY OCCASIONAL loc knot set when I want curls.

Other than that, it’s wash with whatever shampoo & conditioner I happen to have on hand, oil with coconut oil, and tighten – and I don’t EEE-ven wanna tell you how IN-frequently THAT happens! lol

Yes, when it comes to my hair, I am laid back… VERY laid back.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or because I just have too many other (what I deem) more important things to think about and concern myself with.  As long as it’s healthy, not falling out and I still got my edges… I’m good.

But I digress on all of that.

On to the updates!

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Blessings & Warmest Regards,

When I did my 2015 update, I mentioned that I’d show the growth from the back.

I never got around to doing it.  I just kept forgetting to ask my daughter (or anyone else) to take them for me.  smh

Anyway, about a week or so ago, I was in the middle of tightening my locs and I decided to shoot a couple of pics myself.  They’re not the best, but you’ll get the idea… Read the rest of this entry

Blessings & Warmest Regards,


Ya girl has FINALLY decided to give an update!  OMG, I can’t believe I let a whole year go by without one.  I KNOW you must’ve thought I was seriously crazy, right? LOL!

But yeah, a lot has been going on and my hair just hasn’t been much of a highlight of my life like it was back in the day when I very first started locking up.

Soo… without further ado, please enjoy my update VIDEO (yes, I did a video for ya!) and I’ll probably have a few pictures posted here later on.
(sorry about the narrow view… I forgot to turn my phone horizontally) Read the rest of this entry

Blessings & Warmest Regards,

Happy New Year!

Yes, it is now January 2014 but I realized that I owed you an update from 2013.

In a previous post, I mentioned my daughter taking some pics of me but that didn’t happen as planned so… I had to kind of take matters into my own hands but it didn’t happen until December as opposed to November! lol

Anyway, I really don’t have much to say except, as I’ve said before this go-round with my Bradelocz has been a great deal smoother and less “stressful”.  I mean, when I started my very first set back in the early 2000’s, it was my first time so of course, I was anxious and always concerned about every little thing.

But now that I’m an “old pro” at this locking thing, it’s not that big of a deal.  So rather than bore you with a lot of verbiage, I will just dazzle you with pics! 🙂

I think that a LOT of growth has taken place since last year as you’ll see… (click to enlarge if need-be) Read the rest of this entry

Blessings & Warmest Regards,

Hey there!

I know… I know… it has been like, FOREVER since my last update, blog post or anything, right?

*long sigh* well, I’ve been very busy with other things – family life, my business ventures, etc.

And I am about a good 15 days overdue with my 3-year update on my second set of Bradelocz – my actual anniversary was on 11/11/13 but I wasn’t much in the picture-taking mood PLUS, my locs were overdue for a retightening and I just can’t bring myself to take anniversary pics with untightened locs… sorry, I just can’t.

But anyway, my youngest daughter who is soon-to-be 15 is AWESOME at photography and she has agreed to do a photoshoot of her mommy 🙂

Sooo… we will be doing that probably some time this week or over the Thanksgiving weekend and once we do that, I will be posting the new update pics.

Sorry to post this teaser and not have anything to show you… but it’s coming!  I promise  😀

Till then… here’s just a little sneak peek from September 2013:




Blessings & Warmest Regards,
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