Are Bradelocz Right For YOU?

Business 1Hi, I’m Cherie King and I want to welcome you to¬†the Official Home of
Bradelocz: “The Permanent Braids”

So, I understand you have an interest in getting started with Bradelocz… that’s AWESOME! ūüôā

And while I’m happy and excited that you are leaning in this direction, I must say that I feel it is IMPERATIVE that before you even think about making this¬†commitment, that you¬†make¬†absolute certain Bradelocz are going to be right for you and… you for them.

Therefore, I’ve put together a little video that will answer some of the most commonly-asked questions & concerns I’ve received over the years about Bradelocz such as:

* Is it a good idea to start locs with braids?

* Can or should you use extensions when starting Bradelocz?

* Can Bradelocz be used to start locs on naturally-straight hair?

*Are Bradelocz professional enough for the workplace?

Those questions and more will be answered in this video, so…

Click the image below to¬†find out…