Cherie’s Update 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, it is now January 2014 but I realized that I owed you an update from 2013.

In a previous post, I mentioned my daughter taking some pics of me but that didn’t happen as planned so… I had to kind of take matters into my own hands but it didn’t happen until December as opposed to November! lol

Anyway, I really don’t have much to say except, as I’ve said before this go-round with my Bradelocz has been a great deal smoother and less “stressful”.  I mean, when I started my very first set back in the early 2000′s, it was my first time so of course, I was anxious and always concerned about every little thing.

But now that I’m an “old pro” at this locking thing, it’s not that big of a deal.  So rather than bore you with a lot of verbiage, I will just dazzle you with pics! :)

I think that a LOT of growth has taken place since last year as you’ll see… (click to enlarge if need-be) Read the rest of this entry

Blessings & Warmest Regards,

Hey there!

I know… I know… it has been like, FOREVER since my last update, blog post or anything, right?

*long sigh* well, I’ve been very busy with other things – family life, my business ventures, etc.

And I am about a good 15 days overdue with my 3-year update on my second set of Bradelocz – my actual anniversary was on 11/11/13 but I wasn’t much in the picture-taking mood PLUS, my locs were overdue for a retightening and I just can’t bring myself to take anniversary pics with untightened locs… sorry, I just can’t.

But anyway, my youngest daughter who is soon-to-be 15 is AWESOME at photography and she has agreed to do a photoshoot of her mommy :)

Sooo… we will be doing that probably some time this week or over the Thanksgiving weekend and once we do that, I will be posting the new update pics.

Sorry to post this teaser and not have anything to show you… but it’s coming!  I promise  :D

Till then… here’s just a little sneak peek from September 2013:




Blessings & Warmest Regards,

Paper Bag Curls on Bradelocz

So I was in the mood for curls…

And I wanted spiral curls…

I asked a friend of mine about her spiral
curls and she suggested Spike Curlers…

Well, I didn’t have any Spike Curlers…

So, I resorted to an old fashioned method…paper bags! Read the rest of this entry

Blessings & Warmest Regards,

Cherie’s Update 2012

OMG!  I can NOT believe that it has been almost a whole entire YEAR since I last posted anything!!

Wow…well, I have definitely not forgotten about you nor this blog but life has been a bit hectic and I was trying to sort some things out in my mind about this site, which I will share in just a bit.

But before I get into all of that, I wanted to share with you an update on my hair! :)  So it’s been exactly 23 months to this very date since I RE-started my new Bradelocz journey…next month marks 2 years of my new set.

They’re coming along nicely and I’m learning some new things that I didn’t really pick up on the first time around such as what bunching really is and ways to deal with that (I’ll talk about that in another post).  I have also been trying different things in terms of whether or not I wanted to use shampoo or to “no-poo” or if I should shampoo and not condition but instead, use a moisturizer.  I’ve still not found that one, “magical” product or procedure which is precisely one of the reasons I never get into making product recommendations when people ask me.

Not all things work for all people is what I’ve learned.

Anyway, I’m loving my locs and here are a few pics so you can see what they’re looking like these days:

Read the rest of this entry

Blessings & Warmest Regards,

How Important is Meticulous Parting For Locs?

One of our readers wanted to know:

“How important is it that the parts are lined up evenly, brick-layered or just wildly braided?”

That is a great question!  Well, there really is no “right or wrong” answer to that…it all depends on your personal preference.  When I started my first initial set of Bradelocz, I remember making the sections in the front as neat as possible but the ones in the back, I just randomly grabbed sections of hair and braided – I guess what you referred to as “wildly braided”. :)

Some people prefer that “wildly braided” look because to them, it’s more “natural” and looks more like they were allowing the hair to just lock up as nature intended.  But others prefer a bit more organization and structure or, I guess you could say, neatness to their parting. Read the rest of this entry

Blessings & Warmest Regards,
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