Are Bradelocz Right For YOU?

Business 1Hi, I’m Cherie King and I want to welcome you to the Official Home of
Bradelocz: “The Permanent Braids”

So, I understand you have an interest in getting started with Bradelocz… that’s AWESOME! :)

And while I’m happy and excited that you are leaning in this direction, I must say that I feel it is IMPERATIVE that before you even think about making this commitment, that you make absolute certain Bradelocz are going to be right for you and… you for them.

Therefore, I’ve put together a little video that will answer some of the most commonly-asked questions & concerns I’ve received over the years about Bradelocz such as:

* Is it a good idea to start locs with braids?

* Can or should you use extensions when starting Bradelocz?

* Can Bradelocz be used to start locs on naturally-straight hair?

*Are Bradelocz professional enough for the workplace?

Those questions and more will be answered in this video, so…

Fill out the form below to find out…