As the author of the Bradelocz eBook Guide, naturally I would be considered “somewhat biased” about this whole “Bradelocz-thing” 😉 – so why not hear what some of my happy & highly-satisfied CUSTOMERS had to say…


Hi Cherie,

“I havent started my bradelocz yet. I will be starting them shortly. I tried using one of the methods for washing your hair with apple cider vinegar. I can tell the difference. It gave my hair a softer feel too. The bradelocz e-book was very helpful and I loved all the hairstyles you did with your locks. I will be trying them when I get my locks in.”

Thank You
-Shatoya Peters


Hi Cherie,
I want to thank you.  I’m in the very early stages of this whole journey(1 month in) and I have to say it definitely requires patience! However the information you’ve provided is very helpful and I know I can continue on.

Hi Cherie,

I want to start off by saying thank you so much for writing and making available such a valuable resource for DIY locs. I’ve had my set of Bradelocz for almost 3 1/2 years now. Your ebook helped me determine the size that I wanted and gave lots of extremely helpful info. My locs though only a bit longer than shoulder length currently, is longer than it ever has been. I sized mine similar to Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks. I love being able to care for my hair in a way that’s best for it and me as it’s never been healthier.  It’s also a source of enormous pride because I did them myself from scratch and that I started them at the age of 42.

Thank YOU again,

– msfullroller  


I love your book and my new braidloc journey.


Being conditioned for perms, grease, pressing combs etc my hair never grew past the top of my shoulders … now in its natural state, without all that stuff my hair is at my waist … all thanks to you and you amazing ebook.  I tell everyone that asks about my hair about your ebook site. Before my discovery of your ebook, because of the perming my hair NEVER grew to the top of my shoulders…8 years later it is almost at my waist.  I do very little to my hair except spritz it daily ( sometimes twice) with water to help with dryness..I get a deep treatment maybe every 6 weeks or so….lol…honey you have freed me!!!!agian I want to say THANK-YOU SISTER.  (to those reading this) buy the ebook, you will be lovin your Locs in no time!

– Jessica


Hi Mrs. King,
I purchased your Bradelocz ebook last night and I am excited about getting started. I am so excited that I am ready to get started right NOW…Your book is an answer to prayer. Thank you for helping others like me become self-suffiecient.

– Anika

Hello Cherie,

I recently purchased your Bradelocz book and so far I am very happy with it. It has a lot of helpful information…thank you for your help and for your great book!



Hello Cherie,

My name is Yvette. I just purchased a copy of your e-book Bradelocz and was surprised at how extensive you made this book. To say the least I was totally pleased with my copy I didn’t expect to get such a complete guide. You go girl!



Love my locz. Also children are locz n we love them. Keep slapping myself on the cheeks – why didn’t I discover it since , such bliss!

Permanent braids for life!!
Thanks cherie




… I finally read Bradelocz during my break. I loved the book. I was so excited by the versatility, I immediately braided my hair. Your instructions were great!

…Bottom line, the book was exactly what I needed. I love this technique because I need to wash my hair every few days. And I don’t have a lot of time to spend on redoing comb coils or palm rolls. Braid Locs are just right! I’m even getting used to the fuzziness (I’ve been doing a twist-out that really helps); but what made the book really great is that you included ways to deal with all the things that might make someone give up on the process. I probably would have if I didn’t have this book! Thanks Cherie.

A big bradelocz fan,

– Sheritha


Hi Cherie!

My main comment is that I LOVE your guide. I read the whole book as soon as I got it, and then put braids in my hair to start locks. This guide most definitely exceeded my expectations.

I basically thought that it was just going to journal your personal locking journey and tell how to start locks with braids, but it did so much more. I expecially enjoyed seeing how Bradelocz look on different people. All beautiful in their own way.

I also like how you refuted misconceptions about locks started with braids. I am now sure this is the way I was meant to start locking my hair because it doesn’t come loose as easily, and I can shampoo to my heart’s content. When I started my locks the first time, I didn’t choose braids because I believed that I would have to cut off the braided portion when my hair locked. I think you’re doing a great job in spreading the message that locks can be started with braids, and they can provide a wonderful locking experience.

So feel good knowing that you started another person in their journey to enjoying locked hair.

– Angela



The book RAWKS!!! I’m going to start on my hair when I’m finshed with my first reading of your book, then I’ll begin again and do my hair as I go!!

Thank you so much!!! This is what I have been looking for …I just did not want to HAVE to go see a professional EVERY month…You have provided the perfect solution!

I can’t thank you enough!

– Catrise


The beauty of this guide is that it can be appreciated on many levels–if you’re only thinking about possibly getting Bradelocz and would like to follow vicariously the journey Cherie took to arrive at her destination, or if you’re absolutely sure you want them for yourself but need some guidance–this is the guide for you.

The pictures are an absolute joy to look at. If I didn’t have Cherie as a resource, I wouldn’t be aware of the versatility/creativity that I can achieve with my own Bradelocz! Thank you, Cherie, for providing us with this wonderful resource!!

– Tonya


I must say that Cherie you have topped yourself with this guide. You have filled it with more then enough information to have a successful Bradelocz TM journey. Any question that one would have on their journey was definitely answered in this guide. I love the way you included pictures to support each stage of the journey with reference to your own hair. This truly displays your confidence and reassures the reader in your knowledge of the Bradelocz TM technique. Each stage was thoroughly explained and clearly written, without the belittling other locing techniques. This guide has helped from the beginning of my journey, and I am sure it will provide support along the rest of the way. This guide is extremely helpful and supportive for those who are new to the locing world. Although the Bradelocz TM guide is not meant to be a “bible” for locing, it sure is the best resource yet!

– Kristy


“I thought your guide was wonderful. It contains all of the info that I was looking for and then some. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, you are doing a great service to African American men and women who might like to wear their hair in a natural style but are not quite sure what or how to do it. With more information like this, maybe more of us will come to the realization that locs are a viable natural hair style alternative in the workplace and to relax with that doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg to start or maintain and also lends itself to many styling options.”

– Juanita


I got the guide downloaded just a few minutes ago. It is so wonderful!!! Many of the questions I was going to ask you by e-mail were already answered!

– S. Cole


Cherie, the guide is PHENOMINAL!

– Sarah


I’m just about finished reading it (Bradelocz) and I have to say that you did an excellent job with it! You’ve answered all the questions I ever had on locing from braids…I must say I am very impressed with your guide.

– Nishi



Just wanted to let you know, I am lovin the guide!

– Toya


Talk about comprehensive! Cherie, you cover every aspect of locking via
braids and utilizing the latchin’ method for maintenance. Anyone, novice or
professional, can take this guide and be successful starting and/or
maintaining their locs. This is definitely a priceless investment in
one’s locking journey.

A. Grinstead

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