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“Discover how YOU can have healthy, natural, wake-up-N-go hair that will grow down ya back!”

Hi, I’m Cherie King – former Cosmetologist & Natural Hair Care Provider.

There was a time in my life when I desired hair that:

grew past my shoulders…
didn’t break off and…

was healthy & thriving

… but I didn’t know what to do to obtain it.

I tried every product, grease, oil, shampoo, conditioner and other “miracle” products that promised me long, luxurious hair; only to find out that none of them could deliver.

I was in a continuous, VICIOUS cycle of growth to the top of my shoulders, then breakage up to the nape of my neck, growth again, breakage again, and on and on and ON!


If so, you’re not alone in your quest for the ultimate healthy head of hair – which is what led you here.

Now, I want you to consider the fact that…

… many sistahs turn to braids and weaves in order to salvage their damaged hair, only to oftentimes face further damage from those “protective” styles .  I mean think about it.

How many women do you know or have you seen who are suffering from permanent hair loss, mainly around the edges!

The “problem” with these styles isn’t in the styles themselves…but it’s more so the fact that if you’re not careful with who you allow to do these styles on your hair, you just might run the risk of losing your hairline or your hair, period, if they do it too tightly coupled with you frequently having these services performed on your hair!

So then what’s the solution?

Imagine with me for a moment:

  • Putting braids into your hair ONE TIME, and never having to have them taken down and put in again
  • Finally being able to be FREE from harsh and damaging chemical relaxers
  • No longer having to worry about Traction Alopecia (Permanent hair loss due to damaged follicles from excessively tight pulling/tugging on the hair)
  • Having healthy, growing hair once and for all
  • Actually enjoying & embracing your natural texture after all these years of running & hiding from it

Well turn that image into reality because all of that and MORE is possible with…


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So, what exactly are Bradelocz Permanent Braids?  Well, they are simply-put…locs (or locks, dreads, dreadlocks – however you want to label them) that are started with braids! But they are also maintained using a special technique that is covered in the Bradelocz eBook Guide.

Now if you’re like most people who work in corporate America…

… you’re probably concerned about styling versatility and whether or not you’ll be able to “do anything” with them, right?

Not only that, you’re worried about how they will be perceived at work and if they’ll be “professional” enough.

Well, rest assured that Bradelocz are VERY versatile and can be VERY professional-looking for even the most corporate job!

I’m talking everything from curly roller sets to upswept styles to flat twists to crimped/waved looks and more! You’ll get more styling options out of your Bradelocz than you’ve EVER gotten out of extension braids!

Bradelocz offers you the freedom and versatility to either wear them freestyle (no styling at all) or styled to accommodate any situation!

No need to wait until they’re fully mature, you can begin styling your locs right from the start!

From the corporate office to the home office, Bradelocz can fit into your work environment PERFECTLY!

Braid wearers REJOICE because you can NOW enjoy the same benefits you have with your extension braids and then some!

Braids are adored by so many women because they offer worry-free hair for at least a month! But permanent braids give you this freedom and more for as long as you decide to keep them in, which could be forever!

Benefits such as:

  • Being able to freely go swimming
  • No longer being afraid of rain or water parks
  • The ability to get up in the morning, tousle a bit and GO
  • Saving your hairline from receding
  • Need I say more?

NO more itchy synthetic hair or spending money on costly “human” hair!  Plus, over time, your Bradelocz™ will grow as long as or even LONGER than  any extensions you’ve ever worn!

Grow YOUR OWN hair down to “there“…where ever “there” is for YOU… to your shoulder blades? The middle of your back? Down to your waist or beyond? Bradelocz can get you there!


You’ll get a WEALTH of information inside the Bradelocz™ eBook Guide!

You’ve just read all the benefits of growing your own permanent braids with the Bradelocz™ method; now I want to show you HOW to do it!

The Bradelocz™ eBook Guide is THE #1  authority & source of information for growing locs from braids and will allow you to become self-sufficient when it comes to your locs.  This means, you’ll save money on visits to the salon and just taking pride in the fact that you are growing your beautiful crown of Bradelocz™ yourself!

With the Bradelocz™ guide, you’ll also learn:

  • The different phases your Bradelocz will go through and the best way to handle those phases
  • How to section your hair to get the size locs you desire with our “Sizing Chart”
  • How to tighten them using a method that won’t require using “goo” and other sticky stuff
  • Styling tips with plenty of pictures
  • and more!

Not only that, but you’ll also get to read my personal, month-to-month, one year Bradelocking journal. You’ll see my hair in it’s different phases of growth over the course of one year, read experiences I went through and more!


NOW is the time to begin YOUR journey to hair F-R-E-E-D-O-M!

That’s right…when you embark upon the Bradelocz™ experience, you will gain freedom from a lot of the hair drama most of us are or have been accustomed to!

  • FREEDOM from worrying about your hair on a daily basis…
  • FREEDOM from fear of water or of “sweating your hair out”…
  • FREEDOM to take your hair care into your own hands and…
  • FREEDOM to have healthy, thriving, growing hair with minimal maintenance!

You can have this freedom and learn from the best…the original guide…for LESS than it costs for a trip to the salon!

And what’s even better is that you’ll be well equipped to do it yourself at home so you save money!

So, go ahead and  grab yours now!

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Warmest Regards & Happy Bradelocking!