I was sitting here thinking about my locking journey and how I initially wanted thin locs but then ultimately over the years combined them to make them larger…thicker – and now upon starting a whole NEW journey…I’m going BACK to thin again.

Because of my experience with having both, I now feel that I can speak about some of the in’s and out’s of having thick and thin locs.

I know that, for various reasons, some decide they want thin locs and some decide on thicker ones and so I wanted to share some insight based on my own personal experiences…

Thin Locks:


  • Hair is fuller with more volume (this is a plus for those with thin hair)
  • The thinner locs are, the more the locked hair can mimic loose hair in terms of appearance, styling, etc.
  • Usually more aesthetically-pleasing and acceptable to those who aren’t particularly fond of locs.  This is NOT to say that we should be trying to please others and base our size on that…but if things such as a job or what have you are of concern, this can be an option…a viable compromise, if you will


  • If the hair is already thick and voluminous, could make the hair TOO big
  • Takes longer to maintain (tightening roots, etc.)
  • Separating them when they try to “marry” together can be more tedious
  • If you’re not careful and your hair is not at it’s strongest, there can be a greater chance of loc breakage
  • Cannot be easily “sculpted” into certain styles unless braided/twisted together into thicker sections

Thick Locs:


  • Thicker locs can “tame” super-thick hair if one doesn’t want a lot of volume
  • They are easier to “sculpt” into certain styles (pin curls, Bantu-knots, etc.)
  • Usually mean less locs which means, less time spent maintaining (tightening/twisting)
  • In most cases, stronger and more durable


  • Thicker-sized locs don’t produce as much volume so if hair is already on the thin side, this may give a more “scalpy” appearance and if hair is thick and you desire to maintain that full look, it will cut down on the volume
  • May take longer to dry when wet as the thicker locs seem to absorb/hold water more
  • May not mimic loose hair and certain styles as much and as easily as thinner locs
  • Depending on how thick they are, may not be as versatile

So there you have it!  Based upon MY personal experiences with having had both thin and thicker-sized locs, those are some of the differences.  Hopefully that has helped in terms of making your own decision about what size to make your locs and remember…contained within the Bradelocz eBook Guide, there is a sizing chart that will assist you on how to get your desired size locs!

And also always remember, it’s always easier to go from thin to thick than it is to go from thick to thin!

Blessings & Warmest Regards,

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