braidlocs Have you ever wondered if it’s possible or even whether or not it’s a good idea to start locs with braids, i.e. braidlocs?

Well, the answer to that question is a resounding YES!  So now you may be wondering HOW to do it…how do I start braidlocs?

Well, this article is going to tell you exactly how to very easily start your very own set of beautiful braidlocs.

Starting braidlocs isn’t hard to do at all provided you know how to braid/plait or…you know someone else who does who can help you if need be.  I successfully started my own head of braidlocs (or as I like to call ’em, Bradelocz) and so have many others

Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to a journey of freedom with your new braidlocs:

  1. Cherie King's New Set of BradeloczShampoo Your Hair – The first thing you’ll need in order to start braidlocs is to start with a clean head of hair!
  2. Decide what size you want your braidlocs to be – There is actually a sizing chart inside of the Bradelocz eBook Guide that will show you precisely how to properly section your hair in order to  get up to three loc size variations  – you just decide what size and follow the chart to get that size!  Once you have determined the right size for you, then…
  3. Section your hair – Start sectioning from forehead to nape and from ear-to-ear and begin making the rows and then the sections for your braidlocs.  Then, begin braiding!
  4. Finishing up – Once your entire head of hair is completely braided up, you can mist your new braidlocs lightly with a spray bottle of water and (optional) your favorite essential oil(s)

Now exhale. “hhhaaahh

Rest your arms & fingers, then take a picture and celebrate a job well-done AND the fact that you have now began your journey to a beautiful head of braidlocs!

Things To Consider BEFORE Getting Braidlocs

Prior to started your braidlocs, you should consider and ask yourself:

  • Are you going to D.I.Y. (do it yourself) or have someone else either assist you or do it for you, period?
  • How do you intend to care for them?  Are you going to palmroll the roots every week or two and if so, what products are you going to use that won’t cause build up or excess lint accumulation? Or…
  • Are you going to freeform where you do nothing outside of washing and separating the locs that try to join together?  Or…
  • Are you going to use an interlocking technique where you actually put the new growth into a “holding pattern” of sorts and if so, will you use a tool such as a latch hook or just your own fingers?

So those are some things you’ll want to be sure you take into account as you’re deciding on braidlocs.

Things To Consider AFTER Getting Braidlocs

Once again, this article contains the basics of how to start braidlocs.  But at some point, you’re going to start having questions such as:

“NOW what do I do??”
“When is it okay to wash my hair?”
“Should I use conditioner?”
“Are my sections okay?  Are they too big or too small?”
“How often should I wash them?”
“How do I handle this fuzziness?
“Can I style them yet?”
“How often should I retighten them?”
“How DO I retighten my roots?”
“What should I put on them or NOT put on them?”
And on and on…

…and THAT’S where the Bradelocz eBook Guide comes into play because it will give you MORE detailed instructions on starting and/or caring for your braidlocs such as:

*What stages they’re going to go through & how to deal with those stages
*How to maintain them
*Pitfalls to avoid and how to correct them
*How to style
*And a whole lot more

So if you find yourself scratching your head and asking the aforementioned questions, then grab a digital copy of what has been touted by many others as a “highly-comprehensive guide to starting locs from braids“, today!

Click Here to Order Bradelocz Now

Blessings & Warmest Regards,

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