What Exactly Are Bradelocz?

Simply put, they are locs started with braids BUT…maintained using a special technique I developed and perfected using a simple latch hook. In some cases, they can even be started using that technique when braiding is not convenient (more on that coming soon!)

Who Can Benefit From Bradelocz?

Almost anyone can! There are certain hair textures that Bradelocz definitely works better with than others…straight hair textures may need a way to secure the ends so they don’t slip out and that is something being developed at this very moment.

But Bradelocz are wonderful for:

  • Softer textures of hair that would not hold up with other methods
  • People who want or need to be able to style their locs IMMEDIATELY after they are put in
  • Those who need or desire to be able to get their hair wet and don’t want to worry about unraveling

What Will I Learn In The Bradelocz Guide?

I’d like to first start off by saying that when I initially wrote the Bradelocz ebook it was designed to be a DIY (do-it-yourself) guide because I did mine…myself!  So I tried to make sure that Bradelocz is as comprehensive as possible to equip you with everything you need to not only start, but to also manage your Bradelocz!

So the basic gist of what you’ll learn is:

  • How to start them – tips on sectioning & how to determine what size you need to start out with in order to ultimately end up with your desired sized locs
  • The phases and stages they will go through and how to deal with those stages and phases
  • How to care for them – tips on what and what not to use on them for best results
  • How to maintain them and how often, pitfalls to avoid as well as how to correct commonly-made “mistakes”
  • Plus you get to see my transformation for the entire first year when I first started my very own set of Bradelocz and more!



Author Cherie King with Bradelocz

Hi, I’m Cherie!  I am a former Cosmetologist who, after about 5 years, went on my own quest for the ultimate head of healthy hair and decided to stop chemically relaxing my hair as well as  the hair of others.  I became a Natural Hair Care Provider and practiced that for 4 years.

I chose to start my locs with braids because at the time, I desired the immediate styling versatility and the thin size I saw in another popular method of starting locs. But that method was one that I could not afford at that time in my life.

I was introduced to the concept of starting with thin braids by a young woman on a hair forum and after spending hours chatting with her about her experiences with using braids and palm rolling to start her locs, I KNEW this was the solution for me!

I later found that palm rolling was not my cup of tea and so I searched for another way and the latchin’ method was “born”. That, coupled with starting with braids is what brought about what are endearingly known today as…Bradelocz.

On a personal note…I am wife of my loving husband of over 25 years, mother to 4 wonderful children, originally from Detroit, MI and now residing in WA State.  Although I no longer practice providing hair care services for people, I still help many people from all over with my articles & videos!


Bless you,